JPII Awards 2018

Please note that the intellectual property rights of the  photos within the following galleries belongs to and is retained by It is imperative that to keep in line with safeguarding and data protection legislation that your parish or school ONLY uses photos that contain the subject of your students or parish members and does not use images containing students or young people NOT associated with your organisation.Please note that these images must not be submitted for press use without contacting us at info@stillpoint.photoYour school or parish MAY use the photos of their Student or Young parish member for your own school or parish website. Please respect the wishes of the Young adults within these photos as they may or may not wish for their photo to be used for the aforementioned websites.The Armagh Diocesan Youth Commission retains the right to use any of the images from the evening for promotional purposes on its social media channels.If you have any queries about using the following photos please don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss permission of use.Many Thanks & God Bless,

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